The CoRHS Pumpkin Patch!

Help grow the 2023 CoRHS Pumpkin Patch! Purchase a pumpkin (or two, or five!) and dedicate an honorarium or memorial to a pet, family member, or favorite shelter animal awaiting their forever home!

This year, we are offering SKULLs! For your $250 (or more) donation, you can choose a shelter animal to be photographed with a Skull in their cage!

Your donation helps us feed and care for the more than 70 reptiles and amphibians in the shelter!

The Pumpkin Catalog:


In honor of Sage, our rescue ball python extraordinaire ❤️ --From Jayme in CO!

-From the Moody family and snakes, Lilith, Jack, and Kaa! --in CO!

Dedicated to Reverend, Preacher, and Lou.  --From Sunshine Pictures in KS!

Dedicated to Lester, the iguana, who shares our home - he has enhanced my life more than words can say.  --From Jane H. in CO!

 --From Jessica G. in CO!

 --From Jourdan M. in CO!

--From Kristine Z. in CO!

In honor of the great work you all do and to honor my 💚🦎 Manny. --From Lisa B. in Costa Rica!

   --From Jill J. in AZ!

 --From Leslie Y. in CO!

--From Laura B. in CO!

From Ella, Spencer, and Maris, family pet iguanas that came from CoRHS.  --From the Brown Family in IL!

To CoRHS Adopters -- thanks for giving a forever home to your pets!

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The CoRHS Pumpkin Patch! - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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