How to Adopt

Colorado Reptile Humane Society's Adoption Process is designed to match homeless animals with motivated owners who can provide what the animal needs. We work with you to meet (and hopefully exceed!) the basic requirements of a reptile or amphibian so you can be successful with your new pet.

What do we mean by successful?

  • A healthy reptile in a low-stress environment
  • Nutritious food, appropriate heat and lighting for your reptile
  • Adopter satisfaction with a thriving pet

You don't need reptile experience to adopt from CoRHS... just some basic knowledge and motivation to learn and provide for the species you want to adopt! 

The following steps will help you decide whether to adopt an animal from CoRHS:

1. Review the minimum Housing Requirements for the animal you wish to adopt. If you can meet or exceed the housing requirements, you're on your way to a new pet!

2. Read the care guide for the animal you wish to adopt. This link is found on each animal's page. Note housing requirements, diet, heating, and lighting for the animal you wish to adopt.

3. Honestly consider if you the time, motivation, and monetary resources for
  • veterinary care
  • large enough habitat
  • food
  • increased energy bill
  • specialized lighting and other equipment

For example, if you only have 1 hour per week, you may not have enough time to keep a large iguana socialized. If you only have space for a 40 gallon aquarium, a box turtle won't have a good life. If UVB lighting is too expensive, a reptile pet may not be the right choice for you. 

CoRHS Adoption Counselors can help you make appropriate pet choices based on your time, space, and resources -- please let us know your questions! If a reptile pet is not for you, consider Sponsoring a homeless CoRHS animal.

4. Once you have determined you can meet the needs of the animal you wish to adopt, please fill out an adoption application and pay the non- refundable application fee. For approved adopters, the application fee is applied toward the adoption fee. (The non-refundable application fee is to encourage only applicants who can meet the animal's needs.) 

5. When your application and fee are submitted, you will receive an email acknowledgment. Since CoRHS is an all-volunteer organization, it may take up to a week before an adoption counselor starts the process. Please be patient -- a reptile pet is a serious commitment that should not be rushed. The entire process takes 2-4 weeks.

6. Your Adoption Counselor will review your application, ask questions about the species you wish to adopt, and help you choose appropriate housing and equipment that meets minimum requirements. As a final step, you'll be asked to send photos of your completed habitat. (Please do not send photos with your application.)

7. CoRHS Adoption Counselors do not approve applicants who cannot meet our minimum housing and other standards -- so please review this and general care BEFORE you submit your adoption application.

8. Reptiles adopted from CoRHS are intended to be kept as family pets. 

9. You must be 18 years old or older to adopt from CoRHS. If you are younger than 18, please have your parent or guardian fill out the application.

How to Adopt - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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