State of Colorado Tax Refund Donation

The State of Colorado now allows you to donate part or all of your refund to a non-profit! Simply print the form below, fill in your amount, and include with your tax return.

Your donation will make life brighter for the reptiles in our care, and better for the people and animals in our community.

Our shelter requires electricity for the many reptile UVB lights we run; water for drinking, bathing, soaking, or living in; and natural gas for heat.

Certain animal foods must be purchased, the "CoRHSmobile" requires fuel, equipment must be maintained, and sometimes replaced. Stock tanks and filter systems simply don't grow on trees!

Our veterinarians are extremely generous, discounting their time and many procedures. However, they must run their businesses and pay their professional staff. All this requires cash!

 State of CO Tax Contribution1.pdf

State of Colorado Tax Refund Donation - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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