Animal Sponsorship

Why sponsor one of CoRHS's homeless reptiles? 
...maybe you don't have the time or room for a pet right now 
...maybe you are too busy to volunteer your time 
...maybe there is a particular pet on our pages that tugs at your heartstrings! want to feel good!

What happens when you sponsor a CoRHS animal?
 You can make a pet's stay at Colorado Reptile Humane Society a better experience while they wait for their new home. Many animals stay 9-12 months in the shelter.

For a $180 donation, just 50 cents per day, you will cover all the day-to-day costs of a reptile's stay at CoRHS! As a sponsor, you will receive:

- A certificate featuring the animal you are sponsoring 

- Your name is added to your sponsored animal's web description. This lets others know there is someone out there who thinks this animal is special! 

- When your sponsored animal is adopted, we'll add their photos and your name to our "Sponsored Alumni" page--for a full year as well as updates we receive about their new life in their new home! 

-The satisfaction knowing YOU played a part caring for a CoRHS animal until it could be adopted! 

To sponsor a pet, please send us your $180 donation in one of the following ways:

By Mail:
Colorado Reptile Humane Society
13941 Elmore Road 
Longmont, CO 80501

Full Payment: Use PayPal to send the full payment of $180.00 to

Animal Sponsorship - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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