Summer Intern Program

Summer Internship Program

May through August

Summer interns Dak, Graham, and Kelsey with adult ornate box turtle.

About the program
Summer interns at Colorado Reptile Humane Society are primarily focused on studies on wild T. o. ornata, our native ornate box turtle (see Colorado Box Turtle Project for more details). For 2015, we will radio track ~20 turtles to better understand home range and habitat preferences. This work takes place on the eastern plains, involves early mornings, working as part of a team, and field data recording. 
During summer 2015, expect to go out to the field three days per week, leaving Longmont as early as 5:00 am. One day a week will be spent at the shelter, learning and practicing the care of captive box turtles and other species.

You will gain hands-on experience with
  • morphometric data measurements of wild turtles
  • plant identification
  • tracking (radio telemetry) turtles
  • home range calculation
  • map creation

Other duties
Summer Interns also provide care for many shelter chelonia (turtles and tortoises). CoRHS shelters approximately 50 chelonia during summer. Other duties involve working with lizards, snakes, and amphibians and provides opportunities to gain hands-on experience working with many different reptile and amphibian species, including captive-bred foreign and native-born wildlife. This includes daily observations of eating and other normal behaviors, habitat development, enrichment, and maintenance, growth measurements, and socialization where appropriate.

CoRHS interns learn skills such as safe animal handling techniques, cleaning and disinfection procedures, habitat enrichment, diets, food preparation and feeding methods, and may assist experienced staff and volunteers with first-aid treatment procedures. 

Interns at CoRHS are self-motivated individuals who can both work independently and as part of a team as well as follow established procedures and make suggestions for improvements. Good observational skills are critical as are writing and speaking skills.

Working Conditions
Much of summer work takes place outdoors; Colorado summers are very hot, dry, and sunny. Indoor working conditions are also hot and sometimes also humid.

If you are interning for school credit or have a specific school project that needs to be completed during your time with us, please let us know when you apply.

Recommended prior experience 
Previous experience in animal care with reptile and amphibian wildlife or domesticated animals is helpful. Degrees (or in progress) in the natural sciences, wildlife management, veterinary medicine, veterinary technician, or environmental education are preferred but we consider interns from any background.

Time requirements and Stipend
We look for interns to work a minimum of eight weeks, 30 hours per week (or more if desired) for the course of the summer.  Dates can be flexible and we can work together to form a schedule that works for everyone. A $500 stipend will be provided.

Your own transportation to and from the shelter must be provided. 

There is currently no on-site housing at CoRHS. If you are coming from a distance, you will be responsible for finding your own housing. However, we are available to make recommendations on affordable housing in the area.

How to Apply
Please submit a cover letter, resume, letter of recommendation from an employer or professor, and Internship Application
They can be emailed to, faxed to 303-776-5206, or mailed to:

Colorado Reptile Humane Society
Attn: Summer Intern Program
13941 Elmore Road
Longmont, CO 80504

Due date
Applications are due on or before April 1st, 2015.

Due to insurance reasons you must be 18 or older to apply.


Summer Intern Program - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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