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Sorry, Georgia - Rhinoceros Iguana ADOPTION PENDING! Has already been adopted!

Meet Georgia - Rhinoceros Iguana ADOPTION PENDING!!

Age: 18
Length: ~26
Adoption Fee: $45

Georgia is about ~2 years old. When she first arrived, she was too small to join our iguana room. In a cage, she was very reactive and unhappy. Since moving to the CoRHS Iguana Room, she has blossomed -- confident, tolerates petting, and loves her food. this animal will need a bedroom or to free-roam. Rock Iguanas live a very long life (+20 years!) and can easily weight 25 pounds when full grown. While we know Georgia is special, if you are not an experienced iguana keeper -- and already have the space to accommodate this lizard, please consider a reptile pet appropriate to your situation!

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